On reaching a "certain" degree of proficiency, my students are given the opportunity to "strut their stuff" at the county's foremost jazz club (should they wish to do so!). All the musicians in the pictures below have, at some stage of their career, been students of mine

Matt Johns (keys) Larry Johns (Alto) Alex Black (Bass) Martin Bowie (Gtr) Tom Jackson (Drums) Joel Dowling (Tenor). Most Jazz Club pics courtesy of Frank Johns

This outfit, which we named "Hot Sauce" performed at the club a few of years ago.

Mostly students from Truro College

Matt Johns (keys) Larry Johns (Alto) Alex Black (Bass) Martin Bowie (Gtr) Allison Sutton (Alto) Tom Jackson (Drums) Duncan Sim (Tenor) ...Hidden behind Duncan is Jane Marks on Trumpet!

A version of "Hot Sauce" performing at the Vienne Jazz Festival. I was lucky enough to be asked to supply musicians and bands for that festival for many years, having taken over the MD's baton from the late and great Bob Peters.

This was taken in Normandy, on our way down to Vienne. They asked us to do a street concert.

The front line of yet another version of "Hot Sauce".

The guys were made up to be forwarded the following email from the club. "...I had the pleasure of visiting your club for the first time on 21st Feb with my sister and her husband when you had 3 student jazz saxophonists on the bill. It was a great experience and really encouraged my own journey into jazz. I have attached two photographs of the three, which you are free to pass on to them for their personal use and for the use of the St Ives Jazz Club. Keep up the great work! Dr. Nigel Peters The Hague..." One of his pictures (B/W, which makes a nice change!) is top left. The others were taken by someone else.

This was a concert at the Royal Cornwall Show.

Another version of the "Vienne" outfit.